Taking Care of Business Episode 3 – Legal

This past week’s episode of my radio show, Taking Care of Business, on Hunter’s Bay Radio, FM 88.7 in Huntsville, Ontario, was a great show on the subject of Legal Concerns for the Entrepreneur. The topic was based in part on Chapter One of my book, The Small Business Planner. My guest was Rebekah Dunsmore, corporate lawyer with the Miller Law Group from Huntsville, and in the first of several shows covering this important topic, we discussed a number of legal matters important to anyone starting a new business. These included: name searches; business style to adopt, such as sole proprietorship, partnership of corporation; partnership and shareholder agreements; asset protection; along with employee relations and legislation. This episode of the show can be replayed at thesmallbusinessplanner.com/tcb.php and you can Listen Live every Wednesday afternoon at 3:05PM by visiting:

Larry Wilson is author of the best selling book, The Small Business Planner – The Complete Entrepreneurial Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Small Business. The companion web site,thesmallbusinessplanner.com has a multitude of FREE Resources for entrepreneurs including fully formatted templates for Business and Marketing Plans, Profit & Loss – Cash Flow Projections, Start-Up Cost Analysis, and many more.

Stay tuned for a new season of Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank reviews.

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