Employee Relations – Part One

This important subject is featured on this week’s episode of Taking Care of Business, my weekly radio show on Hunter’s Bay Radio – FM 88.7, Huntsville, Ontario. My guest was Catherine Clarke, Human Resources Specialist and currently the HR Manager at The Home Depot in Huntsville, Ontario. The following is an excerpt from the show on the subject of employee relations.

Employment Contracts must state the following:

-Position Title and Start Date; -Who the employee will be reporting to; -Wage/Salary (and how they will be paid); -Required Safety Certifications/Equipment; -Hours of Work;           -Information about Probationary Period (employee/employer may terminate the employment relationship at any time during this period); -Benefits Package if offered (health and dental + financial benefits); -Code of Conduct; -Sign off on Confidentiality and Non-Competition (protection of customer’s/company’s information).

Safety Standards:

-Become familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and  have it posted in your workplace; -Be prepared for MOL visits to ensure you’re in compliance; -Educate and Train your workers: Right to Know, Right to Participate, Right to Refuse Unsafe Work.

ESA (Employment Standards Legislation):

-Recommend reading the Employment Standards Act and workbooks provided for employers; -Post the ESA Poster “What you should know about the Ontario Employment Standards Act”. This is a legal requirement of all workplaces; -Includes topics regards Wages, Hours of Work, Meal Periods, Public Holiday Pay, Terminations etc.

Human Rights Legislation:

-Have a workplace free of harassment, discrimination and violence;  -Be fair and equitable with recruiting and making hiring decisions; -accommodate employees or candidates that have special needs; -remove barriers to ensure safe return to work if employee has been off due to injury.

Job Descriptions need to be specific!!

-Include a job overview; -Primary Tasks and Responsibilities; -Competencies and skills required; -Physical Job Requirements; -Minimum Qualifications/Preferred Qualifications; -Sign, date and witness.

Employee Handbook:

-Especially important for new hires; -Help guide them through their first few months with the company;  -Basic expectations, code of conduct, attendance, benefits etc; -Info on the company’s history, mission and values.

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