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Web Planning Services

Most small business web sites do not produce the results the business owner would like to see. This is generally not the fault of anyone in the organization as most enterprises do not have the staff expertise to develop and implement such an important element of today's competitive business. There are certain functions that a web site can perform well and there are others it cannot in different business scenarios. Without a sound strategy in place, including a well reserched development plan that matches achievable corporate objectives - most web sites are doomed to failure!
Another problem encountered by many businesses is that of dealing with unethical web developers. Although there are many good developers - there are also many who have adopted practices that are not in the customer's best interest. And how are you to know!
The Answer - Get Professional Advise. Dynamic Performance Group has the experience, knowledge and credentials to oversee your development process and ensure that your interests are protected and the finished product and action plan have a high rate of success in achieving positive results. We can help - even if you use another service provider! DPG also provides complete Web Design / Development services and Web Hosting plans - a one stop shop!

Our Web Planning services include the following:
  • Internet Strategy Development
  • Action Planning
  • Development of company E-Mail and Internet Policy for employees
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Domain Name assistance
  • Trademark Registration and Intellectual Property Protection assistance


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