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The key components of a Strategic Plan include an understanding of the firm's current situation often analyzed using a marketing audit, defining the company's vision and mission along with a SWOT analysis. Key result areas are then detailed with specific action plans to achieve stated goals.

  • Marketing Audit: Covers every aspect of the company / customer relationship identifying all target markets, a detailed competitive analysis, branding, positioning and marketing strategies and the 4p's for action planning.
  • Vision Statement: Defines the organization from a long-term view and concentrates on its place in the future.
  • Mission Statement: Defines the fundamental purpose of an organization or an enterprise, who its customers are, how their needs are satisfied, along with the values and culture shared among stakeholders
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  • SWOT Analysis: An examination of the organization's Strengths, Weaknesses, generally of the business processes in the internal environment, and an examination of the Opportunities and Threats, generally in reference to the external environment, although there is some cross-over in both environments.
  • Goals: Listed in the form of Key Result Areas with results stated in quantifiable terms.
  • Action Plans: Defined to achieve goals with responsibilities assigned to certain individuals, departments or outside agencies within a stated time frame for each.
  • Facilitation: Provided for all stages of strategic planning either in the client's place of business or an off-site meeting facility. This includes work sheets and guiding participants through all aspects of input.
  • Reports: Completing and submitting final reports and presenting to management.

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